We Are Here

Playa Del Carmen NA has a little fellowship hall. It is on Calle 34  just off the corner of Calle 34 and 35 Ave. The building on the corner is a “Lavanderia” or a laundramat.

English NA meetings are Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday’s at 5:30pm. Sunday morning meeting 9am at the beach on Calle 38 (beach entrance).

Spanish Speaking Narcotics Anonymous “El Momento” meets daily at 7pm.

Find us by taking 35th avenue from downtown headed north. (Towards Cancun) Turn right at 34 street (calle 34) and we are the second building from the corner on the right.

NA Sunday Mornings at 9:00
Take 38 street (calle 38) and drive until you run out of road. Walk toward the sea: NA    meets in the shady spot before the lifeguard stand.