NA Playa Del Carmen

NA Playa Del Carmen
Narcotics Anonymous Playa Del Carmen


(Narcotics Anonymous) Playa Del Carmen

Welcome to the English speaking Playa Del Carmen Narcotics Anonymous group: I Can’t We Can.

We are an awesome, English-speaking Playa Del Carmen NA group. Our group hosts 4 NA meetings a week. The I Can’t We Can group of Narcotics Anonymous in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico is situated on Calle 34 and Avenida 35 in lovely Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

We meet every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at the room from 5:30 pm to 6:30. 

Our Serenity by the Sea beach meeting of Narcotics Anonymous meets on Ave 38, all the way down at the sea, on Sunday Mornings at 9:00 am. If it is raining or the weather is poor the meeting will be held at the room.

Stay tuned for new meetings opening up soon: our local Narcotics Anonymous community is thriving. Everyone involved in Playa Del Carmen NA looks forward to sharing this journey with you. We’ve got your back.

NA Playa Del Carmen
English Speaking NA Playa Del Carmen

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