Meeting Schedule


Main Clubhouse – Calle 34 between Avenida 30 and Avenida 35th

      situated on Calle 34 and Avenida 35(on the second floor                             above the laundromat on the corner)

Tuesday: 5:30pm – Open – Living Clean

Thursday: 5:30pm – Open – Just for Today

Friday: 5:30pm – Open – Discussion\Speaker

                        Saturday 5:30pm-Open-how and why


                 Spanish Meetings “El Momento” daily at 7pm 


Beach Meeting – Calle 38 and the Beach

Sunday Morning 9:00am: Open  –  Discussion and Just For Today


                                 C.O.D.A  Mondays 5:30pm

                                       C.A. Wed  5:30pm